Pokémon related scans from books and merchandise. Background by zaiqukaj off of a Pokémon Time Clearfile (2009).

The reason why I don’t post general collection pictures very often is because it’s currently a big MESS, and there’s really not enough space to make it not messy… orz If you think this is bad by itself, that entire closet is filled with tons of my large plush (like…at least 150 or more), and there’s a second one of those hanging Ikea things filled with plush, too. I have a problem, but I love my problem, so it’s all good! Someday I’ll open a museum or something, haha. I have worked hard on this collection for many years now!

If you want to start or add to your Pokémon collection, I’m selling tons of stuff here —> http://pokescans.tumblr.com/post/84964862130/do-you-like-pokemon-plush-and-toys-all-of-the

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